I am an abstract painter, which contrary to conventional wisdom doesn’t really tell you a great deal. All painting is abstract in that it depicts aspects of the three dimensional world on a two dimensional canvas, sheet of paper, or board. My goal as a painter is to hint at rather than record. I use shape, color, line, and texture, to capture a time, place, experience, or emotion. In the process, I add or remove elements to convey my intent, allowing viewers to experience a painting on their own terms. I rely on collage because it involves recreation --- using remnants of things that have lost their original meaning or utility to create new meaning, transforming what was into what is.

My work has been represented by the Waverly Street Gallery (Bethesda, MD), The Field Gallery (West Tisbury, MA), Shaw Cramer Gallery (Tisbury, MA), and A Gallery (Oak Bluffs, MA). I have been featured in Palette Magazine. The 25th anniversary issue of American Artist Watercolor Magazine selected me as one of twenty featured emerging artist.

-Rob Hauck